Mary Kay Ash and How to Succeed in Her Cosmetics Company

Published: 19th November 2009
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My goal here to give you the exact steps you will need if you want to succeed in Mary Kay Cosmetics. I want you to have your dreams of financial freedom and time freedom come true. There are specific ways to make this happen, if you want to be able to set yourself apart from the crowd and become a top-earner.

Success in the Mary Kay business, may seem very hard to attain, but I want to encourage you, that with the right knowledge and taking solid steps in the right direction, you can make it work and be extremely successful.

First I want to inform you of how Mary Kay Cosmetics was started.

With Mary Kay Cosmetics, success has been obtained for thousands of women worldwide and with that they have achieved financial security for themselves and their families. Because Mary Kay Ash was having difficulties with the companies she was selling for, she and her husband started Mary Kay Cosmetics. They actually started it from their very own kitchen!

It's exciting to me when circumstances try to keep you down and you have that Burning Desire to make it work and it gets the creative juices going.

When the person you least expect makes it big, it's like a shot in the arm and it just thrills you!

Mary was one of the people who surprised everyone by not quitting. In the first year her sales totaled $198, 514 with 318 consultants.

Even without knowing a whole lot more about the company it is pretty plain to see that Mary Kay was a woman not to be kept down for long and it makes me wish I had had a chance to meet her.

Three fundamental principles: God first, family second, and career third was what her company was based on. 'Establish a company that would give unlimited opportunity to women' was her philosophy.

This is a formula for success in any business when you couple it with the right direction, the right market surrounded by those of like vision.

Now, obviously I wasn't there when Mary Kay started her company but with an intuitive glance I can see where her past experience in building trust in those she worked with was of great importance to the impressive beginnings of Mary Kay Cosmetics, and beyond that to the great success that this company has known over the past 46 years.

What I want us to take note is the fact that there was NO COMPANY for Mary Kay to promote. Those who joined her venture trusted in her leadership, and her ability to produce the needed products'.i.e., give VALUE.

It is only when people trust your leadership that they will show an interest in what you are doing. If you ever want your business to just take off and do what you want it to do, this is what is necessary to happen.

It does take knowing the right direction to go along with being consistent in getting the job done.

It was several different things that pulled it all together that made it happen for Mary Kay Ash. Her lofty vision of making a business success possible for women was out of the ordinary. She had the people skills that would draw anyone to her, and a work ethic that was unstoppable.

Now let's talk about what you're looking for.

Are you looking for a leader or are you looking for a company?

The majority of people who are trying to build a business are looking for a leader. Even if you are the one who is looking for a specific company, you'll still want to associate with the one in the company who has had success that you can follow.

Well my friend that is what people are looking for in YOUR opportunity, a leader'and it is high time they found one in YOU!

High on the list of opportunities capable of making MLM Online Success, Mary Kay Ash Cosmetics is built on sound principles. Is this company right for you, or is there something missing to give you the success you are searching for?

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